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About Us


Having been established in 1982, the Marylebone Art Gallery is situated in the heart of Marylebone right next to the famous Marylebone High Street. The wide variety of art work represented in the gallery varies from fine oil paintings, high quality prints to contemporary pieces of art. We are constantly replenishing the stock with fresh work and bringing new artists to maintain the diversity in the gallery.



A fantastic selection of brand new paintings by a very highly respected artist Chris Osborne


Across The Waves


City Sunrise


Grand Canal Venice 



The Marylebone Gallery is proud to present a new award winning artist showcasing his work with us, Paul Karlsake


Grace Kelly, Rainy Night In Monaco 






New Art Work By A Fantastic New Artist Showcasing Her Latest Pop Art In The Gallery Emma Coyle






Marylebone Cover Girl 




At The Marylebone Gallery we are proud to be showcasing a brilliant new artist, Ian Hargreaves

Venice Light Shade



Carravaggio in Naples


Forest Reflections




Mark McLaughlin is a brand new artist showcasing his fantastic new art for the first time at The Marylebone Gallery 


Glen Coe , Scottish Highlands



Evening Light , Donegal



Orange Groves



Scottish Beach 


New Art Work By A Fantastic New Artist Showcasing His Latest Work In The Gallery Chris Osborne


After The Rain



Afternoon In Westminster 



Autumn In St James Park 



Evening Wayside 



Grand Canal Venice 



London Skies 



Lunch In Berkley Square 



Nightingale Calling 



The Estuary 



New Art Work By Nicholas St John Ross


Friends On The Shore



From Britannia Royal Naval College



On The Edge



Setting Sail



Storm Brewing At Gull Rock 


New Art Work By Stephen Darbishire


A Christmas Tea



Daisies And Apples A Light Lunch



Early Morning Lake District



The Summer Isles 



New Art Work By Lee Burrows


Port Road Sunset 


New Art Work By Michael R Long


Evening Light



Late Summer Fields



Red Hawthorn Bushes



The Road To Portesham Dorset 






New Art Work By Anne Songhurst


Apricots And Chinese Vase



Basket With Peaches


Chinese Bowl With Plums



Chocolates With Orange Liqueur



Tomatoes In A Glazed Bowl 



Chinese Jars With Daisies


Dutch Jug And Citrus Fruit



Lemons With A Silver Tankard



Nectarines With A Silver Jug 



Three Figs


Pierced Bowl With Gooseberries 


New Art Work By Neil Buchanan



New Art Work By Rebecca Darbishire


New Art Work By Stephen Darbishire


New Art Work By Anne Songhurst






Welcome Our New Artist At The Marylebone Gallery:

Nicholas St. John Rosse



Welcome Our New Artist At The Marylebone Gallery:

Mariusz Kaldowski



Wildlife In Watercolours Work Of Neil Cox:



New Artwork In The Marylebone Gallery: Loes Agoust





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