How To Make Submissions To The Marylebone Gallery

a)     Please do not send or deliver any original work at all unless you are invited to do so. Please do not e-mail anything whatsoever without invitation.

b)    Artists should send 6 photographs or print-offs of available work only, plus short details to


Artists Must Send A Land-Line Telephone Number.

We know from experience that when asked to send short details, artists generally send the wrong ones! You will therefore first hear from one of our gallery artists who will drag any forgotten details out of you over the telephone. You will be able to chat with the gallery artists, as any artist feels freer to ask questions of another artist rather than ask a gallery owner. Please take on board that we do not do exhibitions: we show the work of our chosen gallery artists who are prepared to treat us as their London gallery if all goes well - i.e. if our customers like the work.


*We Are Currently Also Looking For Small Sculptures



Established artists will already know that there are great differences between one gallery's needs and another's. This is therefore intended to guide those with less experience. Naturally every gallery prefers established artists but this gallery also aims to give a small amount of space to artists with new talent who cannot get into London without buying wall space: the Marylebone gallery charges nothing.

We look at proper painters. Nothing ultra-trendy, no silly sizes, no mad prices, no tantrums, no copies and no computer-based work. When you use mixed media, those media MUST be checked out by you with the makers and anything selected must be compatible with the base and with all other materials - you must guarantee that. We never want to find ourselves in the position where the picture starts to deteriorate on a customer's wall. Those artists using collage with paint should be especially careful of glues used. However, we prefer straight painting.

Our aims: - excellent art, appropriate subjects, probably the lowest commission in London, and a friendly atmosphere in an unpretentious gallery where we respect our customers and don't look down our noses or throw a lot of arty jargon at them. This is a people's gallery. In the same vein, we don't want a lot of arty hype from submitting artists and we certainly don't want to hear about the state of your subconscious. We do not sell paintings using verbal rubbish: we sell paintings by showing them. Our customers are very far from stupid. They will not buy an artist's work because the artist says he or she is constantly sought after. If you have your own website you are presumably free to tell what porkies you like but common sense tells our customers that if you were that madly sought after you would have nothing to sell!

Another point which can annoy customers is the long list of places where an artist has exhibited when anyone with half a brain knows very well that such lists may mean that the artist has paid entrance money to the venue in order to hang one picture which probably did not sell.

Invitations, without payment to the gallery, to hold solo exhibitions or to be a long-term gallery artist, are a different matter but generally speaking only our established artists will have a track-record in this area. On the whole, the less established the artist, the longer the list of places where they have "exhibited". And it can be seen by many as a long list of the amounts of money lost by the artist to date.

If you could have found a gallery who had invited you to be a long-term gallery artist without payment to the gallery, it isn't very likely that you would tote a few paintings round one exhibition after another, shelling out an entrance fee which you will lose if they don't hang your work or will lose if they hang it and it doesn't sell.

We can understand that artists may consider this a tactless statement in the light of it possibly being read by non-artists but we don't consider artists or galleries to be a secret society and we most certainly do not consider our customers to be daft and neither should you. Everything boils down to this: - are you a good painter? It's not what you say: it's what you do.

Well, there you have it, straight from the shoulder. If you think you are very good and a proper painter, try us with six photographs. If you are an established artist we're sorry you had to wade through all that but you'll know as well as we do that a lot of people go to college and come out thinking that there's no more work to do, and we know differently, don't we!

Unestablished artists who are invited to join the gallery for a few months to see what happens, will not have a biography on the gallery website unless they are later invited to remain.

Established Artists invited to join the gallery will have a biography on the gallery website which will be written by the gallery and will be very low key.

We do not believe in hype and to our amusement, this comes as a relief to established artists who get as thoroughly bored with their track records as everybody else is!


So: - if you like us, let's hear from you. 

The Marylebone Gallery