A selection of original giclee prints


The inspiration for Neil Buchanan's HOPE STREET came from the back streets of Aintree in Liverpool in the 1960s, where he grew up. Since childhood Neil was passionate about arts and music, he would spend hours drawing cartoons and even used to stick the cartoons on the TV. Later on in life Neil formed a band called Marseille which achieved a prominent success but had to split up in the early 80s due to the record company collapse.

Neil's greatest triumph came when he, and his TV mate Tim Edmunds, devised a new kind of art programme called Art Attack in 1990. The fast paced, dynamic and creative format of the show made it a winning formula as millions of viewers tuned in for the vibrant mix of cartoon drawing, papier mache model making and Neil's awesome "Big Art" creations.

The multi-award winning programme was one of the most internationally decorated programmes in TV history and scooped two BAFTAs, together with other numerous rewards.

Neil's fifth decade sees him complete the circle in both his art and music careers. He reformed his band "Marseille" and went on tour thirty years on. Meanwhile, the gifted, self-taught, fine artist returned to his easel to paint his first collection of published art - the result of which is Neil Buchanan's HOPE STREET.