Loës Agoust

oës Agoust started her career aged five, designing postage stamps and selling them for buttons. "I longed to own a post office selling tiny pictures. So I made my own."  A directional boost came when her grandfather gave her some parsley seed and a patch of earth to grow it in. She found that by lying flat and looking up, she could turn her parsley row into an emerald hedge. She made a picture of it. "Probably a mess, but it was my first step into making and painting gardens." At seventeen, Loës declined a place at Central. She entered the gallery world at the age of 26. Many exhibitions and much publishing later, she says "I've never understood the apartness of art. As communication, art has always been streaks ahead of words."

Loës's colour studies towards larger works:

Small detail-studies, framed approximately 10" x 9" are available from time to time at about £250 including vat.