Stephen Darbishire 

Stephen’s small gem-like interiors are no romantic pipe-dream: they are Stephen’s real world. They are who he is, how he lives, and how his friends and neighbours live.

Now with an awesomely long record of gallery sales and publishing, he and Loës Agoust (the same age) have shown up in the same gallery spaces and the same publishing houses over the decades. And now here they are, together again – at the Marylebone, along with several other of our artists with whom they’ve shared wall-space across the years.

Stephen says: “Sometimes artists find that their lives have been running in parallel even away from the gallery and publishing circuits. Now that our paintings are meeting up again we’ve discovered that while Loës was renovating an old cottage in the middle of nowhere, I was also renovating an old cottage in the middle of my own nowhere. So it’s right that our new paintings should meet up to have a chat on the wall and get to know one another before leaving home at the Marylebone for the big wide world.”